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JSB Incorporation can help you start your business in UAE Offshore


Business looking for securing the presence in the UAE and MENA region, setting up an offshore  company here is a very popular choice.


UAE Offshore Services


•Incorporation & Administration

•RAK Offshore

•Shelf & Vintage Companies

•UAE Company Advantages


Benefits of setting up an offshore company


•Operational freedom

•100 percent foreign ownership

•Taxation avoidance agreement

•Option to purchase real estate in approved areas

•Low set-up costs/minimal capital requirement

•Complete confidentiality


An offshore company ‘s structure can be as follows: as an international business corporation; offshore limited liability company; trust or offshore foundation. Each entity comes with its own  dedicated legal framework. By law, the incorporation process must be executed


through a registered UAE-based agent. We at JSB Incorporation are experts in offshore company formation and can guide you through the multi-step process and provide post set-up assistance.

UAE offshore company advantages

UAE offshore companies can serve many business purposes, including:


•Traditional commercial entities

•Ownership of overseas financial and real estate assets

•Inheritance planning

•Holding company formation

•Special purpose vehicles

•Ship registration

•Tax optimization


The advantages of setting up companies in the UAE are numerous. Businesses do not have to pay direct taxes on corporate profits  and personal income and customs duties are at 4%, with many exemptions.


Costs in other key areas such as import duties, labor, energy, and financing are also highly competitive. The UAE is privy to an extensive foreign trade network, giving investors access to global marketing outlets for their goods and services. Dubai is also a major re-export hub for the region.

Incorporation & Administration

We currently have a very diverse client base from various sectors like accountants, lawyers, trust companies, banks, fiduciaries, independent financial advisors, stockbrokers and tax advisors.

Our incorporation and administration services include:

• Company formation

• Company structuring and restructuring,

• Banking solutions, payroll,

• Residency processing and visa/ employment regulations.

RAK Offshore

RAK International Corporate Centre

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is the UAE’s northernmost emirate, located 60 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport. RAK also has its own dedicated airport and thriving Saqr Port.


One of two offshore jurisdictions in the UAE, RAK International Corporate Centre (formerly RAK Offshore) offers a well-regulated and transparent financial services environment that provides outsourcing solutions and offshore banking services to non-resident companies.


However, prospective clients should note that, as with other UAE free zones, incorporated companies with RAK Offshore offices are not permitted to conduct business or provide business services within the UAE itself.

Benefits of RAK Offshore incorporation:

• Zero currency restrictions

• No minimum shareholder number restrictions

• Zero capital deposit requirements

• 100 percent foreign ownership

• Zero tax

• Zero import duty

• Registered office in Dubai through JSB Incorporation

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Shelf & Vintage Companies


Shelf and vintage companies


The purchase of an existing ‘shelf’ or ‘vintage’ company comes with various benefits as the business name and incorporation process have already been completed. This offers a turnkey solution and enables quick business start-up, however, due diligence is required to ensure any liability is mitigated.


JSB Incorporation expertise includes a thorough business audit evaluation to ascertain potential financial or other liabilities, which can be an issue as offshore companies are not required to maintain a local accounting system.


We navigate the pre-acquisition maze to present an accurate and honest business case. All shelf company acquisition applications must receive prior approval from our team of due diligence specialists.

UAE Company Advantages


• 100 percent foreign ownership

• Banking confidentiality guaranteed by law

• No public registry

• 100 per cent exemption from corporate and income taxes

• Zero foreign currency restrictions

• Full repatriation of company profits and capital

• Low set-up costs compared to onshore companies

• No physical office requirements, so no employee or labor-related costs

• No share capital requirement

• Ability for offshore company to act as a holding company

There are also three company set up options:

• In a free zone, where no local partner is required

• As an offshore business

• As a wholly local business outside of a free zone, which requires a local sponsor agreement


All business owners looking to secure a trade license are also required to declare their core services and the nature of their business. This is an extremely important decision, as once formally established, the company is not allowed to perform any other service outside of the agreed scope of services.